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We produce Cakes, Cupcakes, Brownies, Tartlets, Chocolate, Doorgift n many types of variety for Wedding, Engagement, Birthday or any of events. We are located in Kuala Terengganu
We use halal n fresh ingredients, sweeten your day with our treats.
Email us at or call/sms us 0179331535

Promotion for your Engagement day!

With cute design or u can request the design u want...

We give u the best price ever! This promo only available for 10 person hurry up,be the first 10 person

Save ur date with us.. This promotion will end Nov us at or sms me at 0179331535.

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Bagaimana untuk membuat biskut Teddy Bear?

Ramai sukakan biskut. Jadi kim pertontonkan bagaimana cara membaut biskut teddy bear.

Saksikanlah =)

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Bagaimana untuk membuat kek 
hari jadi boneka puteri?

Kim sediakan tutorial dibawah untuk anda.

Selamat Mencuba!

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